Wireless USB Adapters

The advantages to having a wireless network is you don’t have to have cables running across your homes or offices. Any computer, tablets and smartphones can easily have a internet connection anywhere within the home or office.
Power over Ethernet (PoE): You can connect to a WiFi Access Point where ever your stuck, no power plug required. With appropriate Power Over Ethernet support at the other end, you only need to run one cable to the Access Point to deliver both data and power.
Bridging: Ideal for securely connecting multiple buildings together wirelessly without the need of cables. We offer solutions using standard Access Points with (optional) powerful external outdoor antennas or dedicated outdoor Access Points.
Roaming: As well as the mobile roaming, roaming enable devices allows you to quickly connect from one WiFi Access Point to another without having to be disconnected continuously. This makes a Roaming AP ideal for VoIP.
Controller Based: Controller based Access Points are ideal for businesses or larger management systems, you can configure, encrypt and even update through the management controller

Wireless dongle technology is always friendly and allows you carry the dongle where you travel. An internet connection can be setup anywhere you can find a 3G connection.

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