Akasa AK-CBFA05-05 3 Pin Fan Speed Reduction Cable


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Older fans often have no PWM control, and certainly no temperature-dependent speed control. Such fans can be then usually only for a fan-volume controller which controls the fan voltage via a potentiometer.
Who but a controller is too expensive, or those who want to turn down just one or two due to increased fan noise can do without a controller, since it can control most three or more fans. What if you only have two and a third and fourth are not needed, or not at all fit into the case?
This 3-pin power adapter Akasa solves this problem very easily. Simply between power supply / motherboard and fan stuck and at a stroke are the fan instead of 12 volts, only 10 volts, so at about 20% less power, which results in a reduction of the speed and thus a reduction of the volume as is. Heavenly peace at an unbeatable price!
Technical details:
Voltage reduction from 12 to 10 volts, about 20%
Connector: 3-pin
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