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S22 case

Took 3 weeks to send the phone case
And when it arrives the quality was poor probably wasted my money have to go buy a new one from somewhere else

Goods were never received

Please urgently advise where this order is. Thank you.

Something went wrong

I ordered a phone case 19 days ago and still haven't got it ((( I'm bitterly disappointed.

I haven't received this order yet*******

If you sorted the item 14 days ago where is it now?

Not recieved

I have not recieved my item and my emails have been ignored

It took ages before I received my item. Its too loose, not gonna bother returning, would just bin. Please do read reviews and research before you buy something, I made this mistake this time.

Very disappointed

I was not very happy with my purchase at all. Took ages to arrive..... I emailed company twice on there said reply......then turned up in the wrong colour.......


Payment was taken, however I received no order confirmation or tracking info. After two weeks my item has still not arrived and neither has any further information. I await a refund in full but do not expect to get one!

Still waiting for this to arrive

Not received

I’d love to give a review but as of yet I’m not in receipt of the product. I haven’t had the product delivered yet ….. so so far not so good

Item never arrived

Item never arrived. No contact from topgadgets. Dispute raised. AVOID!

Good product

I had an issue with delivery as after 2 weeks it never turned up. I got concerned it was a scam website however I contacted them and they responded instantly and sent me another which arrived in three days. The product itself is okay however I can't see the screen clearly with the cover when in daylight as it's all spotty.

Good value tablet case

Very pleased with this product.
Only gave 4 stars because I had to chase up the delivery.

Mobile cover

The mobile case is exactly as order and does the job well, however it took 2 weeks to get to me.

Peter’s review

The correct phone cover was supposed;ied. BUT in the wrong colour
P Cunliffe

Don't waste your money is not a good Quality

A load of rubbish

Cheap case not worth £14.99 magnetic rubbish just flops all over the place DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Very Disappointing

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Shockproof Hybrid Armour Slide Card Holder cover on the 12 May and only received it this morning, 9 June 2021. I didn't really mind waiting but they have sent me a completely different phone cover than the one I ordered. I cannot slide a bank card into the cover which was the whole point of ordering it!

Samsung Galaxy S21 2021 Mirror Smart View Book Folio Clear Flip Case Cover
June salmon whyon my tablet phoe cover is 14.99 on my husband tablet it is 6.98

Why is this item 14.99 and on my husband tablet it is6.98

Really good product

Perfect, really happy with it.


The images of the advert are NOT achieved by product delivered. Cases arrived without any QR code to install the 3rd party app. Contacted Seller who emailed a photo of QR - but this achieved nothing. This is a case that you can just see phone screen icons through depending on brightness settings and any external lighting or sunshine. Review screen does NOT allow a change away from 5 star so is creating a false outcome.

Unfortunately, the cover was not the correct one for my tablet. I e-mailed Topgadgerts UK on 8th May and again on 15th May but no response received. Am forwarding a copy of my e-mail to them again today.
Brian Tilbury